Little things make me happy. I just ordered an easy pop up tent from Amazon, it arrived, it took me all of two minutes to put it up in my living room, it’s a huge relief compared to my other tent which takes me 15 minutes to set up, and I’m so happy about that!!!

Rumor has it this tent is not waterproof, but it won’t matter where I’m going this weekend. I’ll have the other tent in my car just in case, and if worst comes to worst, I can sleep in my car, because it’s a Prius hatchback and I’m 5’4″ all stretched out.

I’ve been preparing for this little trip all week, batteries are charged, camera cards are empty, I have my harness and the camera does fit on the tripod, my remotes are charged and functioning, I have my jet boil and my coffee and a sleeping bag – What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing.

To be continued, hopefully with great photos ?

PS: This is a picture of the tent, neatly ironed, blow-dried and put up by professionals.
Mine did not look like that, but I imagine they fulfill the same purpose.
PPS: Aaaaaand… I was able to put it back in the bag!!!